The Region III VPPPA Board of Directors exists to serve the Region III area states and District of Columbia through education, mentoring, training, and outreach. The Board of Directors is always looking for ways that we can support companies who are active in VPP or just beginning the journey. Due to the number of Board of Directors (14), we are looking for individuals willing to support the vision efforts in any way.

If you are interested in having a more "hands on" role with the Association and learning about VPP, volunteer your time in an area that truly interests you. Volunteers are essential to the make-up of the Region III Association and there is plenty of work to be done behind the scenes. Please complete the forms linked below and we will notify you on the status of your requested committee appointment. One form is just for the annual conference and the other is for non-conference volunteer support. Once a form is completed and sent, a board member will contact you and discuss your volunteer interest.

Please understand that VPPPA committee members are appointed at the sole discretion of the Region III VPPPA Board of Directors. Appointments do occur depending on the immediate need. The committee you request to assist on may be full so please don't be disappointed if your primary request is not fulfilled. As a member of a committee, you are expected to attend scheduled conference calls and/or meetings as needed. Participation is the key to being a part of a VPPPA committee. If you are unable to attend a committee call/meeting you are expected to contact your VPPPA Committee Chair either by e-mail or phone. Committees Include the following:

  • Conference Registration/Logistics Volunteer
  • Conference Networking Volunteer
  • Pre-conference Workshops
  • General Onsite Conference Assistance

Important Message

All Nominations for the Region III Board of Directors must be an active volunteer in some manner prior to being put on the election ballot.

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Have you volunteered for this conference before? *
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Please select one or more of the volunteering options.
Registration/Logistics Volunteer
Responsibilities include but not limited to: Greeting attendees at Registration, ensuring attendees locate registration and workshop areas, pass general information to attendees, support of Board of Directors and Conference Committee.
Networking Volunteer
Assist in activities associated with the networking activity. This will include, but not limited to: decorating, distribution of given away items, table seating, crowd control, other.
Pre-conference Workshops
Greet attendees participating in the Pre-conference workshops and ensure attendees are registered.
General Onsite Conference Assistance
Check in workshop speakers before their speaking engagements. Also check in volunteers before they are distributed to positions.
Volunteer Agreement *
By selecting yes, you agree that you will conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. You understand that your conduct is a reflection on your employer as well as Region III. If your conduct is perceived as reflecting poorly towards your employer or Region III, you may be relieved of your duties and a letter citing your conduct may be delivered to your employer.